Jeremy and Ashley Kester, owners of H.H. Boogie.

So good to meet you. My name is Jeremy and this is my family.

My name is Jeremy Kester and I am an initiator. I love to create and explore, to tell and preserve stories. I have been a professional photographer since 2005 and feel like maybe I just recently got pretty good at it. As far as the photography industry goes, I’ve achieved some pretty rad things but my passion is shifting from the glam and glitz to the stories…to the people.

I am married to a beautiful lady named Ashley who happens to be the President of H.H. Boogie and if you’ve had a great experience with us it’s likely that she was a huge part of it. She has other great attributes, but her hotness is my favorite (I think). We’ve been married since 2005 and have four beautiful and hilarious children. Ages 6, 5, 4 and 2. The name H.H. Boogie comes from the nicknames of our first three kids – Har, Henan and Boogie. I suppose soon that the youngest needs a letter!

If I am like a kite, my father Aaron is the string. It feels at times as though he is holding me back. However, I’m finding more and more that the tension is what keeps me from tumbling to the ground. It has been awesome to have something to do together again. After 20+ years in the hardwood business, he has shaken more hands and made more lasting friendships in the Amish community than I have taken steps it seems. He handles the production side of H.H. Boogie so that I can continue to dream and focus on our clients. My mom Laura is a CPA and for an accounting scrooge she is super sweet and very pretty too.  She has kept me sensible with phrases like “you don’t have the money for that” and “no”.  I couldn’t ask for a better mom.

There are so many others that help us make and spread the word about these products. Thank you all so so much. This is for you.