Because when you have fine art you protect and cherish it. When you have fine art you share and show it. When you have fine art...
Faith, family and our stories. Life moves so quickly it's good to slow at times and remember. To reflect on the stories that brought us here.
Meet the family of creatives from the midwest. We are many and yet we are one. We are the Kesters & we want to get to know you



When we first saw this engraving for photographer Briana Moore, we fell in love! It was such a unique design and looked wonderful as an engraving on The Evan! We reached out to Briana and found out that her engraving was even more special than we had originally thought! The Evan she ordered was an anniversary gift…

Jaime Davis has been an H.H. Boogie client for awhile now, and we love the way she incorporates the legacy aspect of love into her work! Jaime launched her new brand to the public yesterday, and we wanted to take a minute to share it with you and tell you a little more about her…

About Us

The digital age is upon us and it’s wonderful. The ability to share your story with loved ones 1,000 miles away within minutes. You need those digitals. We need you to have those digitals. But then there is life. Those intimate moments of reflection, of happiness, of tears and indulgent memories. For those moments you need something in your hand. Something tangible to cherish at the dining table or by candle light with those you love. You need that too and we need you to have it. Digitals for now, tangible forever.

Meeting the Kester’s, learning about the message behind H.H. Boogie changed our business…and our outlook on life. These aren’t just wood boxes, they’re a mindset. An incredibly beautiful and well made, unbound mindset. We love and cherish ours, especially that as our story continues we keep adding to it. Our couples see ours and can’t wait to start filling theirs.

Mallory McCrea Photographer

The Evan from H.H. Boogie is by far one of my favorite tangible items that I offer for weddings. It means the world to couples to see there images, printed, and in such a beautiful keepsake box! The quality of the wood and the attention to detail make this product a huge standout for my collections

Catherine Rhodes Photographer

Incorporating HH Boogie preservation into my client stories has truly been an honor. The care Ashley, Jeremy, and the HHB family has put into the design and craftsmanship of their Unbound preservation line is only matched by their thoroughly phenomenal client service. If you’re on the fence, jump off it. Now. You can thank me later.

Stephen Churchill Photographer

Offering HHBoogie Memory boxes to my clients has set me apart from the crowd. These boxes are so beautiful and a great alternative to the traditional wedding album. My clients see the boxes as fine pieces of art to be displayed in their home, rather than a book gathering dust on a shelf. As a sentimental romantic, I love explaining all of the little treasures you can keep in the box from your wedding announcement to your children’s’ first lock of hair.

Amy Hedges Photographer