All things new.

“All things new”

Written to “My only Swerving” by El Ten Eleven

When did new become so valued.

New isn’t a thing, it’s a moment.  A moment that is gone in a flash. New is exciting and wonderful and it leads us to the rest, to everything else. Everything is new for a time and then it….just is.

And new has it’s dangers.

When we seek new rather than the actual value in the thing, we are constantly coming up empty. The search for new will compel us to throw out things of value. It will lead us to appreciate everything but to cherish nothing. Relationships can suffer from unrealistic thoughts of new. The pursuit of new is the enemy of expertise. We end up looking for the new thing rather than a new way to improve a great thing. Things of value can slip through our fingers.

And it becomes as if we are renting our life.

Until fairly recently, value was undetermined until the newness wore off. Marriages were great but anniversaries were better. A chair that our ancestors sat in was a chair that was tested, and we wouldn’t sell it for the world. The things of value increased in value as they aged, but the things sold only on “new” faded away.

Craftsmanship, expertise, practice, investment, authenticity, purposefulness. These things still exist and are waiting for you. Can we acknowledge “new” and celebrate it…but warily.

Can we become a small group that take the long way. A group of artists and dreamers, of story tellers and doers that cram as much of ourselves into what we do. So that in time what we have done, will be cherished and increase in value over time to those we serve. Rather than showing itself to be a trend sold on new.

I would like that.

with love,

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  1. Brett Benham
    Brett Benham On October 21, 2013 at 10:13 am Reply

    I love the idea that anniversaries are better than weddings. It’s so easy to become jealous when we see new love but that only lasts so long. Old love, tried and true, is like petrified wood. It gets to a point where it’s nearly impossible to break.
    Thanks for writing this. As always, well said Jeremy.

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