How long does it take to receive my order?

The short answer is 3-4 weeks. The long answer is that these products are hand machined and assembled just for you. We manufacture them in “runs” that start on a cycle and your final turnaround time depends a bit on when you place your order. Expect 3-4 weeks turnaround time for your order, and be sure to count on about a week if your order is engraved (4-5 weeks). If you need your order more quickly than that, please reach out to us via email ( to see if your items are in stock. Items we have in inventory are able to ship more quickly than the standard turn around time.

How many prints fit in each album?

Since our photographers use varying labs and types of paper, it is hard to say definitively. We tend to prefer unmounted prints like linen and the thickness of the paper will definitely affect how many prints fit in each satchel or wrap. As a guide, the leather satchels will fit 75 or more unmounted 8″x8″ print pages in the Christianne. Inside the leather wraps, about 125 unmounted 4×6 prints will fit. Over 100 unmounted 4×6 prints should fit inside the Evan.

If you would like to see specific dimensions for the products, you can find our Dimensions PDF in the files section of our private Facebook group or click here to view and download a copy of the PDF.

Engraving: How do we do it? How does the discount work?

Engraving needs to be ordered via the shopping cart on the website, just like your product. Once you have paid for your order, you will immediately start coordinating the design with Stephanie Williams at Handlebar Studios.

First, you will order and pay for engraving when you purchase your box on the H.H. Boogie website. Then you will go to the Engraving Submission Page, where you can choose to upload your own file (a logo or your very own design) OR you can pick a standard design option. The basic designs are complimentary. You can view the standard designs and file specifications for custom designs at the link above.

The engravings discount is for duplicates of the same design on the same product only. The majority of photographers use this discount to order bundles of Evans with their logo.

How does it work to ship to our clients?

We know how important it is that your products be pretty throughout delivery, but trust us when we say that it’s equally as important that we don’t take risks during shipping! Our philosophy is to make them beautiful for you and then pack, pack, pack! 🙂 We will continue to try to improve on this for you as we are able.

Can I show my clients the H.H. Boogie website?

Absolutely! Nothing on the website will give away your special knowledge as a photographer, unless you’re logged in to your account when you show it. This important: make sure you are not logged in when you show your clients the website, so that the pricing will not show.

I live in a very dry/humid climate. Which species and finish of wood would be best?

We are using real wood, and wood has a tendency to expand and contract when there are large swings in climate. For this reason, we have left a little bit of space for the lid to breathe. We have made some design changes to stabilize the lids even more for the very dry regions, but you should be ok to choose any species. Expect a bit of fluctuation as the pieces change regions, but they will settle in and relax in time. Some of you may remember the doors being a bit more snug in your house during certain times of year. This is just like that. 🙂

How much is shipping?

Shipping depends completely on the distance, size and weight. If you are concerned please feel free to get a custom quote prior to your order at In the United States, shipping costs aren’t too bad and we ship via FedEx. If you live in Hawaii, Alaska, or outside of the United States, you can request a custom quote to ship to you via USPS or DHL by emailing us. Expect to pay a bit of a duty for international orders. There is always a break per unit to ship multiples.

What are the differences in wood species and finish?

The Oil Rubbed Walnut, Finished Walnut and Rustic Cedar are all rustic woods. That means that there will be large variation from piece to piece. You can expect knots, streaks of sapwood (white), pits, curl, and other defects. This is on purpose and is expected in those species. In the White Washed Northern Ash you can expect less of those things to show, but occasionally a few knots will be visible. They do have a prominent recessed grain.

Is your process healthy for the environment?

The healthiest. The mills selectively harvest their woods, meaning they only harvest when a tree is ready and always replace it with replanting. By doing it this way, not only is the local environment generally unaffected but they are able to circle their acreage and never run out. It’s good stewardship and good business.

Are your products archival quality?

For photographs to be archival, everything it comes in contact has to be acid-free. So in answer to your question, no, it’s not all archival. But the majority of loss happens when things are damaged from movement and use, as well as not being special enough to keep. We do protect from those things. 🙂 When things are precious, they are held a bit tighter. We are actively looking for ways to push out past 50 years to 100 and on and on! So any suggestions you may have on that, we’d love to hear!