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Jaime Davis has been an H.H. Boogie client for awhile now, and we love the way she incorporates the legacy aspect of love into her work! Jaime launched her new brand to the public yesterday, and we wanted to take a minute to share it with you and tell you a little more about her work and what makes H.H. Boogie an important part of her brand.

H.H. Boogie: Which H.H. Boogie products do you offer to your clients?
Jaime Davis: Nostaliga, Christianne and Evan.

H.H. Boogie: How do you better serve your clients by incorporating Unbound or Chapter Albums?
Jaime DavisI built my brand around legacy and I use H.H. Boogie to show my clients that their wedding day is also about the momentos and having a place to store things like the perfume they wore, their handmade veil, etc. is essential.

Photo by Katelyn James.H.H. Boogie: What drew you in to the H.H. Boogie line? Why do you choose to work with us?
Jaime DavisI like that you guys are a family owned company and not a big corporation. Being a small business owner, I like to give back to others in my situation. You have always responded to emails within a day or two. And the quality of the product is amazing!

H.H. Boogie: What has been your clients’ reaction to receiving the product?
Jaime DavisThey are also so happy and excited to start filling it with pieces from their big day.

H.H. Boogie: Talk to us about your heart for the tangible and leaving a legacy. What does that mean to you? 
Jaime DavisAs you know legacy is what my brand is built on. I am so excited for my daughter to one day stumble upon a box and see all these amazing photographs and pieces of our story. I hope one day she can sew some beads from my dress onto hers and even wear my hand-made veil. I did a blog post about it awhile back.

You can connect with Jaime on her website, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

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