In The Yard

In The Yard
Written to “One by One” Grey Reverend

The joy of a good yard sale is this:All sorts of things that you value are piled up as someone else’s rubbish. You aren’t looking for things that used to be expensive or popular. You aren’t looking for things that were innovative at the time or looked a lot like something else. You aren’t looking for things that everyone else thought were awesome. Price is rarely even a part of the conversation. Because all of that has worn off. When you are deciding whether or not to take this un-cherished, discarded thing out of the dirt and grass, you are thinking:

“do I want this enough, do I care about this enough to add it to my already full life”

I was walking through a huge department store again last night and it was like blinders were pulled from my eyes. I saw it as it was, a giant yard sale of meaningless things that mean nothing to me. They mean absolutely, nothing.

Suddenly the low low prices seemed exorbitantly high. I pictured the cashier sitting at her busted up chair smoking in the yard saying “I’ll give this to you for a dollar”. What am I even doing here?

As photographers, craftsmen, storytellers and artists we have the opportunity to create and capture. We have the opportunity to tell stories that our friends, our clients would never ever put in the yard. To preserve and present them in a way that it becomes the thing that they grab in a fire.

Are we opportunists? Are we pragmatists? Perhaps, a little. But over all I think the answer is no. The answer as I speak to you has been consistently no.

We are purists and dreamers.

We have the privilege and honor of shaping how these moments are remembered. Not just IF they are remembered but how they are remembered.
These moments our remembered as we saw them. Let that sink in for a second.

They will always remember this moment. Through our eye.

With such care and purpose and meaning that goes into capturing these memories, shouldn’t we be just as careful then about how we preserve and present them? That is why we are taking the long way. That is why were are seeking to serve purposefully and grow together with you.

By taking the long way, we may lose on the shelf from time to time. But we will never lose at the yard sale. We’ll be inside where it’s warm.

Even if we are the smaller group, we want to be a catalyst for purposeful decisions. Whatever we do, we do in love and thoughtfully. A hand written card with errors most often be more valuable to the one receiving than a high end duplicate.

This isn’t about being better than other album companies or you being better than other photographers. This is about being our best. Every day being purposeful in serving more thoughtfully.

I would like that.

with love,

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