Taking the long way.

I have felt the current pulling me at a pace i did not set, for years. Pressure to succeed, to grow and to do it right. With every achievement I felt fresh and rejuvenated.  But then I crashed. We crashed. It wasn’t an energy crash, it was a spiritual crash and a relational crash. I could tell you of all of the consequences from that type of living, but that’s not what this letter is about. This letter is about what happened next, what is happening now.

I gave up. I give up.


I just want to live my faith, love my family, build relationships and serve others. I want to focus on depth and not reach. I know that this is already shaping up to be a strange post on the H.H. Boogie blog. But H.H. Boogie is exactly that. Exactly this.

I have been trying(failing at times) to no longer look past people. To realize that when I am taking a photograph, this person in front of me is vulnerable. They deserve my best and full attention. I have a career where I can bless people for a living. Show them how beautiful they are. Capture a moment in the third person and show them that moment with all of the fear and stress that they were feeling, stripped away.

When a friend calls me and they need someone to listen, they need me right then, at that moment. When my children hug me, I’m not keeping score to see how many hugs Ive gotten. My relationship with my wife doesn’t need to be efficient. We can take the long way.

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H.H. Boogie comes from that backward and upside down thinking. Something that helps people cry, but that won’t reach it’s full potential until they are gone. In a world of vertical integration, we are adding as many craftsmen into the process as we can. Adding as many families and stories as we can. The joy that will come from stumbling upon our efforts 50 years from now brings me joy, now. And as terrible of a business plan as it may be, I want photographers to find us in the same way. I don’t want to rush anymore. So I’m going to keep focusing on making these products better and be grateful for the people that this project has brought into our lives. I hope that the people who love us are better for it. I hope that those who need us, find us. But I refuse to turn something this beautiful, into the things I left behind.  Maybe we will become one of the best kept secrets or maybe the word will get out.  But not knowing makes it kind of fun yeah? See you at the Unshop.

with love,

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  1. Melissa Love
    Melissa Love On July 22, 2013 at 12:35 pm Reply

    I love these sentiments, Jeremy. You are building a wonderful business that people just love!

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