The Matterings of Wordery.

“The Matterings of Wordery”

Written to “She Was A Vision” by Active Child

As I sit and stare at this couture, designer garment. And read a bit about it’s story I can’t help but feel lied to. Because I know that this couture, designer garment can’t lie to me. It is made of cheaply made composite materials and is made in a place only known for making things cheaply. As I touch this “couture, designer garment”….It feels like garbage. And no amount of buzzwords are going to fool my hands.

I’m not coming back to Walmart for a while.

Words matter.

The inexpensive thing, the thing done quickly, that thing is not wrong in and of itself. Many of our most prized memories are stored up in little inexpensive photographs. Moments that were barely captured at all and when they were they are just a little off. And we love them. And we should.

The simple thing, the thing done with few steps but done well. The short note of love written for every word to matter. We cherish. And we should.All things are what they are. Our perspective and our words don’t change what they are. But they can change how they are received and they can change us.

How we describe things, and why, can change us.

Words written well, claimed as our own, are still words written well.
Genuine words of adoration that are presented as personal, but are written to many, can hurt and cheapen.
Fine art, couture, designed, handcrafted…


I’m not exactly sure how to express my frustration with the meaninglessness of words these days without seeming self serving or like a bitter old man. But though my heart rate is where it should be and I’m not thinking of anyone in particular, I am a little frustrated. But encouraged.

Frustrated because every day a word that means a great deal to us “handcrafted” is printed on all sorts of things that I see. Particle board furniture, pretzels, composite material photo books and the occasional cell phone.

Encouraged because while much of the world is in a constant state of recycling itself. In a feverish pursuit of “New”. I am going to commit to grasping onto those words, those defining words, and we are going to keep pouring into them. Pouring into them in such a way that they will hopefully mean something again.

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I would like very much if you would join us. Or we will join you. I don’t care who is in front.

Do become efficient. But don’t trim and cut what you love out of what you do, for the sake of shortcuts. Take the long way. And do it with depth. Love your craft. Love those you serve.

with love,

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  1. Bobbie Suttie
    Bobbie Suttie On October 18, 2013 at 1:32 am Reply

    The love which went into Kimmy’s grandpa’s present – the wedding invitation box you saw at her wedding – gives her a lifetime memory of my dad. The love put into the box along with the wonderful photos you took will endure forever. I think of this any time I see your boxes. Jeremy, you are making memories and packaging them for the generations to come. God blesses you with every creative thought.

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