We Never Know Where the Wind May Take Us Next : Briana Moore Photography

When we first saw this engraving for photographer Briana Moore, we fell in love! It was such a unique design and looked wonderful as an engraving on The Evan! We reached out to Briana and found out that her engraving was even more special than we had originally thought! The Evan she ordered was an anniversary gift for her husband of eleven years, and the paper airplane engraving directly relates to their story. We interviewed Briana to let her tell more of their love story!
What inspired you to give this gift to your husband?
I have trouble narrowing down the inspiration, actually. There are so many little reasons that the Evan is a perfect gift for our anniversary. James values simplicity and quality, which is immediately apparent in all of the H.H. Boogie products. The intimate size of the Evan will perfectly fit photos and letters that are special to us. It is ruggedly handsome but unassuming to look at, but filled with priceless content… just like him! 🙂
Your engraving is so special to your story as a family. Could you tell us more about that?
The paper airplane really represents our journey together. They are fragile but determined, resonate with joy, and their paths are quite unpredictable. When we first began dating, James shared with me that he had a clear vision for his career and passions, but was not sure exactly where in the world it would take him, and expressed the need to find a partner who was flexible enough to go anywhere. He was the grounded soul to my free spirit.  James actually proposed using paper airplanes. During our nearly 11 years navigating life together, we have moved from the the west to east coast (exploring much of the country between), traveled to 10 countries together (and another 5 separately for work), and we have plans to experience so much more together. For the engraving, I purposely showed the path of the plane to be sporadic, as we never know where the wind may take us next.
How did your husband propose?
My proposal story is another inspiration for purchasing the Evan. James and I were hanging out at our favorite beach cove, and playing with the paper airplanes he made. Each different plane style had the flags of countries we had already visited together, along with places we planned to see one day. When James can’t focus, he likes to make things, so the planes didn’t even tip me off to what was about to happen. Little did I know, the reason he was distracted was he couldn’t think about anything but the proposal. 🙂 Just before asking me to marry him, James brought out a box I made for him when we first began dating. He had gradually filled it with photos, letters, and other trinkets from the last 3 years.
 What is your favorite item going into the album?
As a photographer, my favorite items are naturally the images. A ridiculous image of us at a slip & slide event on the first day we ever hung out. A shot of us in Dublin, exchanging glances on a bridge, mere ours before we began dating. Our return to Dublin, for the wedding. Sitting on our back porch with our first dog. I have beautiful images from every key moment of our relationship. That is what I can’t wait to place inside.
What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just embarking on their marriage journey?
Start each day forgetting yourself, and asking one another “what can I do for YOU, how can I serve you, support you?”…  if you each look out for the other, you don’t have to worry about yourself. That being said, it’s a constant choice to make, and often hard, as it goes against human nature. 😉 That’s why it’s a daily effort. All I know is that when we can manage to do that, life goes much more smoothly!
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  1. Beth Gonez
    Beth Gonez On September 6, 2015 at 10:54 am Reply

    I love this! Beautiful box and enchanting little engraving and story! What a special couple! I’m definitely going to order one of these boxes to try out for myself and my clients!!!

  2. Shaina
    Shaina On January 15, 2016 at 9:29 am Reply

    Beautiful story, and I love how the tiny paper airplane engraving on the front is such a sweet little reminder of the start of your story. I really appreciate how simple, down to earth and authentic these boxes feel. They remind me of the old, worn in things I love from my grandmother’s house.

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