Binding says the story is over and yet your story is still being written.

H.H. Boogie - Custom keepsake wooden boxes produced by Amish Master Craftsmen for professional photographers.

We are huge fans of books and the stories they hold. They transport you to places you can only dream of. But when it comes to telling the stories of our lives, we leave out the binding. When you have fine art you don’t glue and stitch it; rather, you cherish it one moment at a time. You want to be free to hang it on your walls, gift it to a friend, or re-live it one page at a time.

That is why our albums are Unbound. For you and for future generations.

Unbound is a collection of beautifully handcrafted Amish-made boxes to fill with your collection of prints, nestled in beautiful fabric and protected by a leather satchel.